Isle of Man TT Vintage Signed Leathers
Isle of Man TT Vintage Signed Leathers

Isle of Man TT Vintage Signed Leathers

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Vintage set of multi-signed brown Manx Leathers autographed around the 2008 period at the Isle of Man TT races.

The leathers date from around the 70’s era and would have been very similar to the type that one of the greatest motorcycle riders of all time, Giacomo Agostini, would have worn while winning his 15 World Championships. These leathers were originally sold as Ago’s from a TT parade lap into a private collection but we have been able to find a photo match to prove this. The leathers have the Ducati name in white and Manx Leather patches stitched onto them and are fabulous regardless of when they were used.

The leathers have been personally signed by 36 of the riders that competed in or around the TT races in 2008.

The riders that have signed the leathers are as follows:

Giacomo Agostini - all-time leader in victories in motorcycle Grand Prix history

Bruce Anstey - has thirteen IoM TT wins

Ian Hutchinson - has sixteen IoM TT wins

John McGuinness - has twenty three IoM TT wins

Steve Plater - has two IoM TT wins

Other riders who have also signed are:

Solo riders

# 37 Jim Hodson

# 69 Paul Shoesmith

# 79 Sergio Romero

# 30 Stephen Oates

# 60 Alan Connor

Paul Hunt

David Paredes

Sidecar riders

# 49 Geoff Smale

# 6 Simon Neary

# 8 Roy Hanks

#5 Steve Norbury

Sidecar riders and team mates:

# 42 Ian Warner/Bert Vloemans

# 48 Wayne Lockey/Mark Sayers

# 21 Roger Stock/Pete Alton

# 19 Douglas Wright/Stuart Bond

# 38 Pete Farrell/Jason Miller

# 7 Nigel Connole/Dipash Chauhan

# 22 Bill Currie/Phillip Bridge

# 34 Bryan Pedder/Rod Steadman

# 12 Gary Bryan/Robert Bell

Unfortunately, since the signing these leathers, Steve Norbury and Paul Shoesmith have passed away.

Leathers come with a full Certificate Of Authenticity.